Brixel War

Brixel War is a play-to-earn game based on Binance Smart Chain, aimed to build a metaverse game world. The game is a turn-based MMO for mobile and browser where players collect brixels, play to earn tokens in a fantasy world.
Every brixel in Brixel War boasts unique skills and properties that allow it to take on various combat roles, such as a tank role, a support role, an attack role, and combination roles with further customization evolving from the game’s system.
While Brixel War is a fun game, it also takes on the characteristics of a social network and job platform due to the strong community and play to earn opportunities that have come from its early success.

Key Features

  • Brixel Collection – tons of Unique Brixels to collect, upgrade, and evolve to suit your playstyle.
  • Item Collection – use the different items to plant on the land and earn Brixels.
  • PVP and PVE Modes – compete against others or play solo.
Brixel War is a fun and graphically engaging game, it has incorporated a game storyline and “play to earn” elements to make it a dynamic game. The WonderHero’s economics is designed to reward players for their contributions to the game.

Players can earn by:

  • Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles and get BLP
  • Evolving Brixels, items and selling them on the NFT marketplace
  • Collecting and speculating on rare Brixels, items, lands
  • Joining in PVP mode and receiving rewards based on your seasonal ranking.
  • Staking BXS to earn rewards
  • Upgrading and customizing their territory to host shops and earn BLP
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