Phase 1

Formulate tokenomics and whitepaper
Launch first round NFT community airdrop
Launch presale
Early marketing begins
Launch social media, Twitter, telegram, etc.
List the blind box
Finish the closed beta test of Brixel War

Phase 2

Official launch of Brixel War
Launch NFT marketplace
List on pancakeswap
List on coingecko
List on coinmarketcap
Audited by third party
10,000 telegram members
Invite more than 5,000 crypto KOLs to promo
Launch the worldwide marketing

Phase 3

List on major exchanges
Launch guild system
List the game guild system NFT
50,000 telegram members
Establish more than 1,000 blockchain game guild system
Launch PvP battle competition season

Phase 4

Introduce land gameplay (Bithynia)
Launch BXS staking
Update items of the game
100,000 telegram members
Launch Brixel Swap
Launch DAO
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