Mission & Vision


Millions of gamers have spent countless hours perfecting their craft in gaming, with much of these efforts being unequitable as there are only few liquid markets for trading rare in-game items. Moreover, after hundreds of hours of investment into a game, when players decide to play a new popular game, they would get absolutely nothing from the previous game, even worse, they have to start from ground zero with the new game. With Brixel War, these hundreds of hours will be worth some value as the resulted NFT assets can be traded in the open market or when technology is able, allows users to “melt the NFTs” and transfer the value into the new game and convert it into an equivalent value or bench mark and continue investing their time in the new game.
Brixel War will become a vessel of paradigm shift by letting players digitally own NFT game assets that are in balanced demand in the market, something that is finally deserving for their long gaming hours. The game will attract thousands of players around the world from all walks of life, from serious gamers to casual players looking to “play to earn” as an income stream during the Covid pandemic. The game will strike a fine balance between fun experience and “play to earn” element that is most suitable at this time. Serious gamers together with “play to earn” gamers will form the foundation of Brixel War's sustainable open economy. You can generate income either by live streaming your gameplay on Twitch or just simply "play-to-earn" as casuals. Our team believes in forming a balanced universe where players at different level can exchange lucrative economic opportunities and joyful experience.


To most gamers, Gaming is Life.
To some, Life is Gaming.
Gaming has entered into a new era, we will modernize and expand the scope of gaming through blockchain technology and create a new lifeform of freedom for gamers.
This is Brixel War, Playing Game changes NOW.
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